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Employment audit conducted

DNIS News Network - The National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP) has signed up with the Social and Rural Research Initiative (SRI) of Indian Market Research Board (IMRB), to conduct an employment audit of the country's top corporate houses and NGOs.

It was carried out to determine the employment practices of these organisations vis-à-vis disabled people.

A comprehensive questionnaire was sent to about 450 corporate houses and 100 NGOs through out India, with the aim of demarcating, exploring and reviewing current employment practices in the corporate world (public, private and multinational), as well as in various government departments and NGOs regarding people with disabilities. Despite the rigorous follow-ups carried out, only about 77 corporate houses and 30 NGOs responded to the questionnaire.

Initial results show that the percentage of disabled people employed in India has risen marginally since the last employment audit carried out by NCPEDP in 1999.

While the previous study was restricted to corporate world the current study is more comprehensive. The results are nearing completion and NCPEDP will be publishing its findings next month.