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India’s first visually impaired I.A.S. officer

D.N.I.S. News Network, India: Not too long ago, disabled candidates qualifying the Indian Administrative Services examination were denied placements that they deserved.

In spite of getting good ranks, they had to remain content with positions much lower in the hierarchy. When Krishna Tiwari cleared the examination in 2007, things were not different. But he refused a position lower than what he deserved. And today he is India’s first I.A.S. officer with 75 percent visual disability.

Tiwari, who is currently finishing his training at the R.S.V.P. Noronha Academy of Administration, Bhopal, did not have it easy. The Department of Personnel and Training had told him he was ineligible to join the I.A.S. as he would be unable to perform his duties as he could not see, read, write and walk without help.

Tiwari protested saying he was adept at handling the computer and could walk in a secure area without help.

The matter was finally waived by the medical board and Tiwari was inducted into the I.A.S. in November 2007.

Director General (Academy of Administration), Sandeep Khanna made a laptop and screen reader software to help Tiwari in his training. The Academy also got a Braille printer and Braille translations of the Revenue Book Circular and the Civil Services (Conduct) rules to help Tiwari with his training.

In fact the Academy has offered Tiwari the option of taking the equipment with him after his training gets over.