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Visually impaired person takes charge as judge

D.N.I.S. News Network, India: T T Chakravarthy, a 41 year old native of Arcot in Vellore district, of Tamil Nadu achieved a rare feat in the Indian judiciary system. He is perhaps the first visually impaired person to be appointed as a judge in the Munsif Court. He took charge as the judge of Coimbatore District 3rd Additional Munsif Court in June.

Chakravarthy was practicing in the district court in Vellore and later enrolled at the Madras High Court. After successfully writing T.N.P.S.C., he was called for the judges training and got 13th place in the 2008 examination.

He went through a two months training in Tamil Nadu District Judicial Academy and was a trainee judge in Valparai Court in the district.